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Choose one of the examples or create your own fractal art with the program Fractalposter.

the full Mandelbrot set. Benoit Mandelbrot was a mathematician who did a lot of research on mathematical recursive structures. He discovered the Mandelbrot set (represented by this image) in 1980. (For more info about Benoit Mandelbrot, you can visit this Wikipedia page.)
On this page you will find 6 fractals. Each of them is the last one which was added to it's own gallery. You can click on the fractals to go directly to it's own page or you can click on the gallery to visit the gallery main pages.
fractal poster art nr. 000016.
Alien sound.
Poster nr. 000016. Added on January 15, 2020. Size of this fractal poster is 200.0 x 100.0 cm.
fractal poster art nr. 000017.
Black noise.
Poster nr. 000017. Added on January 15, 2020. Size of this fractal poster is 200.0 x 100.0 cm.
fractal poster art nr. 000025.
Poster nr. 000025. Added on November 28, 2021. Size of this fractal poster is 200.0 x 100.0 cm.
fractal poster art nr. 000022.
I have got wings.
Poster nr. 000022. Added on January 21, 2020. Size of this fractal poster is 500.0 x 40.0 cm.
fractal poster art nr. 000023.
Distant shores.
Poster nr. 000023. Added on January 21, 2020. Size of this fractal poster is 167.0 x 120.0 cm.
fractal poster art nr. 000018.
The whole.
Poster nr. 000018. Added on January 15, 2020. Size of this fractal poster is 200.0 x 100.0 cm.
Exposition of fractal art in the City office in Breda Click on this photo to view the photos of the exposition in Breda.

There was an exposition of the Fractal art, printed in several sizes and on different kinds of meaterials which were showed in the City hall of Breda. Click here to take a look at that exposition.

You can order any of the fractal art on this site for only €15,-- by sending an email to in which you mention the number of the fractal art as it is written in the left-bottom corner of each small example. Then the real poster will be calculated for you and sent to your email adress via Wetransfer. Look here for the full description of how to order a fractal artwork.

Click on this screenshot to download the program as a single zip file. Click on this screen shot to download the Windows program.

You can create your own unique piece of art with the help of this program. (You can download it here by clicking on the screenshot). With the program you can zoom in the Mandelbrot set and you can save as many posters (max. 3000 x 3000 pixels) as you like, free of any rights. You can play endlessly with the colours in your artwork.
If you try to make larger posters, black bands will appear in them. That is the limitation of this freeware version of the program. But the pieces of the poster which will be calculated shall give you a good impression of how the poster will look like. And if you really want that poster, you can let us calculate the complete fractal poster for just €20,--. (Maximum size for such a custom Fractal is 2 square meter). Just send us an email in which you mention that you want the poster and also send the little jpg version. Then you will have a unique piece of art because we will never send your self-made fractal to anyone else. For a full description of the procedure of how to order a poster, click here.

This is a screen shot of fractalposter which you can download here to start making your own unique pieces of art. You can find the complete explanation of the program here. The program itself also provides the explanation you might need to use it to it's full potential.

The program is just a single executable file (Only for windows), which you can download as You have to store it on your computer in a folder where the program is also allowed to write in itself. (Or on a USB stick to keep it mobile). My advice: create an empty folder with the name Fractalposter in the 'my documents' folder and put the zip file in that folder and unzip it there. Fractalposter does not need any other method of installing. Fractalposter.exe will create several sub-folders in it's own folder in which it will store all fractals and gradients it creates.
If you want to remove it from your computer, simply delete the folder with content in which the program is written. You can also put the program on a USB stick. Then you will never have to store anything on the host computer and you will be able to use ther program anywhere.

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