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Do you have a question which is not satisfactorily answered here? Then send a mail to us and you shall get an answer. And if your question might be interesting for other art enthousiasts, your question might also be added to this list.

comparison between jpg and png. All fractal artwork will be calculated by fractalposter, pixel by pixel, and directly written to the harddisk in a bmp file. But such a file will be very large and will also cost more time to be sent over the internet. JPG files are much smaller, but every pixel counts and in a jpg image a lot of the finer details are lost and you can easily notice the typical jpg artefacts. This might be acceptable in normal photographs, but it is not in our art work.
You can easily see this for yourself in the little images here at the left. At the left side you see the jpg version of the initials in the artwork and on the right side the png version, each enlarged 6 times in comparison to the real size in the fractal artwork.

And for that reason we never use jpg files, but we send it as png files. Those are made as small as possible, without any loss of quality in comparison with the original larger uncompressed bitmap. So every pixel will be printed in the artwork as they are intended to be.

We have tested quite some printers on different materials and a lot of different DPI values. And we have come to the conclusion that 300 DPI is the best compromise. Because when you have a dark pixel in a light area of the artwork than that pixel will be just visible at 300 DPI from very close. If you make that pixel smaller, it is most of the times not visible anymore. But the filesize does increase fast. If you use a lower value for the DPI, you might see the individual pixels too clearly. The artwork might be giving an increased dotted impression.
So the size of the artwork as it is written on the small example fractals is based upon 300DPI and recalculated to the size in meters. In a fractal artwork of 2 x 1 meter there are 23,621 x 11,810 pixels. That will be an image of 278,964,010 pixels or almost 279 Megapixels.

If you choose to print such an artwork at 10DPI, which is quite normal for big bilboards, the surface of it will be 900 times as big, so it will be 60 x 30 meters.

HH initials in the right- bottom corner of the artwork. As is customary with any piece of art, also these fractal artworks are signed. But because it is all about the details, also those initials are kept tiny. The characters are only 10 pixels high and they are placed only 10 pixels from the edge of the artwork. In all the examples on this site the initials are written in the artworks at exactly the same place and size as in the 'real' artworks, so they are not scaled as the rest of the image.
So, if you print your artwork at 300DPI the characters of the initials in the right-bottom corner will only be 1 milimeter high.

The time of delivery of the ordered artwork depends upon the quantity of artworks which are being processed and the time it will take to calculate it. As soon as the payment for the artwork is received it will be placed in the waiting row and processed as soon as possible. It might take up to 24 hours to calculate a full piece of art. It is not a very complicated calculation but for each of the 140 million pixels per square meter you have to do it to up to 10.000 times, so that are 14 billion calculations.
But usually this will all be done within a day or three. Then you will receive an email with a link to Wetransfer where you can download your art work. You should do that within a week or so because that link will not work much longer.

Yes. It is possible. And you can do it yourself quite easily. If you are on the main page of or on one of the gallery pages, you can download any of the images to your own pc (For instance by rightclicking on it and to choose the menu item 'save picture as...') However, this might be a bit different, depending on your pc and the browser you use.)
Then you click on 'load' in the program fractalposter. And load that image into the program. Then you will be able to manipulate it, just like any other fractal.

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